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MC series.
Up to 70 kW
refrigeration capacity.

 Compact medical chillers that are
 perfectly tailored to the requirements
 of medical equipment.

Developed to meet the highest demands.

The MC series from Riedel Kooling is an exceptionally energy-efficient and reliable series designed for medical technology. Four models with refrigeration capacities ranging from 40 to 70 kW and an ESS unit for saving energy through free cooling ensure ideal operating conditions for modern diagnosis devices and in medical facilities. When developing the series, the focus was on extremely fail-safe operation and effective cooling within narrow tolerance limits. For this reason, the selected components and the design principle were precisely adapted to meet the high requirements of continuous clinical operation. The refrigeration capacity is reliably generated under even the most extreme climatic conditions. The technical concept of the devices meets the high requirements of noise emission control and is both ecologically and economically ground-breaking.

  • 98%. More than 98% uptime for your device. Our medical chillers guarantee stable cooling at all times.
  • Durable. Use of cooling components from acclaimed manufacturers.
  • Ideally for combinations. Designed for use in combination with a wide range of MRT systems from acclaimed manufacturers.
  • Extremely dependable. Compressors that operate independently.
  • Limit temperatures covered. The MC series covers limit temperatures ranging from a polar – 37 °C to a tropical + 55 °C.
  • Quiet operation. Smooth running even under full load. If the device is operated at sound-optimised partial load, the sound pressure level decreases a significant amount more. Even when installed outdoors directly next to therapy areas and hospital ward blocks, this quiet operation has a positive effect.
  • International use. All relevant regulations, standards and certifications fulfilled.
  • Always by your side. Worldwide operation and service.
  • Established system provider. Riedel Kooling is the established partner for large system manufacturers in the field of medical imaging.
  • Useful accessories. The MC series can be expanded to include additional accessories for even greater convenience and efficiency.
  • Energy-saving system. The optional ESS module opens up the possibility of additional energy and cost savings at low ambient temperatures.

Technical data.

Models from the MC series: MC64950, MC67050, MC64960UL, MC67060UL

Refrigerant: R134a

Refrigerant fluid: Glycol-water mixture (40:60)

Net refrigeration capacity (kW)1: 49,5 / 73 / 49,5 / 71,5

Refrigerant outlet temperature: 12,5 °C

Ambient temperature, max.: 50 °C

Ambient temperature, max.2: 55 °C

Ambient temperature, min.: – 25 °C

Volume of circulating refrigerant: 7,8 m³/h

Power consumption (kW), approx.1: 37 / 45 / 36 / 43,5

1) tw2 = 12,5 °C; ambient temperature tu = 50 °C (refrigeration capacity including pump power loss)
2) With reduced capacity


Important documents.

Cool additions.
Available as options for your cooling system.

  • Emergency water supply module. This module provides an alternative water supply for the helium compressor via tap water or alternative cooling water sources. Ideal for maintenance work, for example.
  • Anti-vibration kit. The elastic mounting of the cooling unit prevents disruptive mechanical vibrations from being transmitted to the building or the installation surface.
  • Filter kit. Solids from the cooling circuit are effectively filtered out.
  • Glycol-water mixture. Ideal refrigerant fluid for use in the temperature range of – 37 °C to + 55 °C.
  • Remote control panel. Convenient operation of the chiller from the control room.

Really efficient. 
Energy-saving module.

The optional energy-saving module makes it possible to dispense with active cooling at appropriately low ambient temperatures, achieving the best possible efficiency in the cooling application. Operating costs are significantly reduced at the same time.

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What you need: a cooling system that works.

What we promise: stability and performance.

Our experts will be delighted to help you develop a new system or optimise an existing one.