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Process Cooling.
100 % reliable.
100 % individual.

Stable temperatures are essential for functioning industrial production processes and to ensure the highest quality standards. Riedel Kooling systems guarantee constant cooling at all times.

We are driven by quality & innovation.

We master every challenge.

At Riedel Kooling, we have always focussed on the individual processes of our customers and worked with our customers to find the suitable cooling solutions. Markets change dynamically, as do machines and processes. What process do you want to cool? Simply make your challenge our challenge!


Precise cooling solutions
for electric mobility.

Our cooling solutions for electric mobility are used in HPC charging points, for example. We can also easily cover the cooling of battery storage systems in conjunction with HPC charging technology. Our customer-specific solutions take into account the power, designs and electrical interfaces and hydraulic expansions. The air path can be freely defined. Our cooling systems for electric mobility are operated without refrigerant and compressor. The power of our low-vibration cooling systems is adapted to suit the requirements. The extremely high cooling capacity based on the installation space means that our solutions are also suitable for future megawatt charging points (e.g. for charging transporters/HGVs). We can also integrate a comprehensive sensor network on request (temperature, flow, pressure, power). 



Charging cable in the charging socket of an electric car next to silhouettes of high-rise buildings. In addition, interconnected icons: eco symbol, charging station, power plug

Innovative cooling solutions
for hydrogen mobility.

Leading experts consider hydrogen technology with regeneratively produced hydrogen to be a climate-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. The demand for hydrogen for the transport sector, as well as for other industrial areas and sectors, will increase significantly in the coming years. 

For example, the fuel cell will play a major role in the mobile sector. In addition to cars, it will be used primarily in trucks, ships and trains to convert hydrogen into electrical energy to supply the electric motors.

We develop the right cooling solution for the production of hydrogen by electrolysis, right up to the fail-safe refuelling of vehicles, together with you. Precisely adapted to your requirements. 



Hydrogen charging station in front of a truck with the inscription: Hydrogen. Next to it are vans, cars and planes with the inscription: zero emissions. Behind them wind turbines and solar panels under a blue sky with a light cloud cover

We can develop your individual process cooling. 

Our core expertise is the development and production of tailored cooling solutions: From individual items to small or large series. We have been the expert for cooling technology on the market for over 50 years. Over 10,000 customers from more than 30 different market segments all over the world work with us and are impressed by the quality of our work. Experience our expertise for yourself! 

Overview of our areas of expertise: 

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From planning to implementation.

We will help you to plan and implement your projects right from the start. And we can give you even better assistance by getting involved at an early stage – before the project actually begins – so that we can work with you to define the specifications. Making the technical work that happens later on feel less like a quantum leap away, and more like a stone’s throw. All the contacts assigned to you (for sales, engineering and product development) are available at every stage of the project and during the entire product development process.

Stay cool, even when things heat up.
The Riedel Kooling Service.

Our service doesn't stop with the delivery and commissioning of your new product. With our extensive range of services and exclusive service agreements, we ensure that our cooling systems run fault-free even after many years.

Our service team is available to you around the clock via our 24/7 hotline and offers you individual support and advice in all phases of the product life cycle. 


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What you need: a cooling system that works.

What we promise: stability and performance.

Challenge us! Our experts will help you to develop a new tailored solution for your application or to optimise an existing system.