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Cooling is a crucial production factor. If everything is well cooled, production runs smoothly. The Riedel Kooling series are ideally suited for these tasks and a perfect basis. Depending on the application, our engineers develop tailor-made solutions.

“We develop individual cooling solutions. First, we need to understand the specific cooling application and process. Only then can we develop a cooling solution that perfectly fits the customer's requirements based on existing modules and our proven technological platform.”

Rolf Sebastian

Global Product Management

Riedel Kooling


Riedel Kooling series:

Cooling capacities up to 680 W*.
Kool°P series.

The refrigerant-free cooling solutions of the Kool°P series are made for complex laser systems in the low power range as well as for medical and laboratory analysis technology. The low-maintenance and low-vibration cooling systems have a standard cooling capacity of 500 W. In the booster version, a net cooling capacity of up to 680 W* is possible.

The optimally equipped Peltier chillers offer high temperature stability with particularly quiet operation and are optionally available as a plug-in solution for a 19" rack or classically as a stand-alone solution.  


* Cooling capacity at a temperature difference of 0 K between the coolant supply temperature and the ambient temperature.

Refrigerant-free cooling solution with cooling capacities up to 680 W for medical and laboratory analysis technology as well as complex laser systems in the low power range, Peltier-Chiller

Cooling capacities smaller 2 kW.
VKD/VKS series.

The cooling systems of the VKD and VKS series are particularly suitable for commercial and medical applications. With cooling capacities of up to 2 kW, the dynamically (VKD series) and statically (VKS series) ventilated cooling machines are used in medical applications and laboratories. But the low-maintenance and reliable chillers, which use a natural refrigerant, are also convincing in the areas of environmental technology, gastronomy and process cooling. 



Dynamically (VKD series) and statically (VKS series) ventilated chillers for the medical, medical storage and laboratory segments as well as environmental technology, gastronomy and process cooling

Cooling capacities 2 kW up to 70 kW.
WKS series.

From the ready-to-plug-in universal solution to the standardised product with a wide range of customisation options. The chillers of the WKS series can be customised and are suitable for a wide range of requirements in the field of process cooling. The most common areas of application include laser and machine tools, the plastics and packaging industry, as well as processes in the print or food & beverage sector. 

The variable air intake plates on the right or left side of the unit not only ensure maximum flexibility in positioning the unit, but also make maintenance during operation easier for the service technician. Standstill or unnecessary downtimes are thus a thing of the past.



Chillers for industrial applications of all kinds, such as lasers, machine tools, plastics and packaging, print and food & beverage

Cooling capacities 50 kW up to 230 kW.
PC series.

The professional liquid coolers of the PC series are suitable for all applications. The cooling block systems convince with their extremely high reliability. They offer cooling capacities of up to 230 kW and a wealth of additional functions and options.

In addition, an energy-saving system can be used (ESS system), whereby additional energy and cost savings can be achieved at low ambient temperatures. 



Platform-based standard models for precise, reliable cooling. All cooling block systems are compact, factory-assembled liquid cooling units suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. By using a wide variety of refrigerants, the chiller can be designed to meet specific needs.

Cooling capacities 300 kW up to 1,000 kW.
Kool°T series.

The air-cooled chillers of the Kool°T series are designed for indoor and outdoor installation. With cooling capacities between 300 kW and 1,000 kW, these chillers have been specially developed for applications with high cooling requirements. The focus is always on particularly high reliability with the lowest possible energy consumption.

A wide range of configuration options combined with a particularly large selection of equipment options make these chillers a true all-round talent.



Air-cooled chillers for indoor and outdoor installation with cooling capacities from 300 kW up to 1,000 kW

Customised solutions.

Cleverly thought out. From start to finish.

We work with our customers to develop tailor-made cooling solutions, enabling their machines to achieve top performance.

Customised Riedel Kooling chillers are extensively tested in our inhouse laboratories and climatic chambers before they are put into operation. Our test conditions can simulate extreme ambient temperatures and various levels of air humidity – precisely tuned to reflect the environmental operating conditions.

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You can't find your specific requirements again? Our experts will be happy to help you develop a custom-fit cooling solution for you.