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Cooling capacities
smaller 2 kW.

VKD/VKS series.

The dynamically (VKD series) and statically (VKS series) ventilated chillers are used in the medical, medical storage and laboratory segments as well as in the environmental technology, catering & process cooling sectors.

Cooling systems for medical and commercial applications.

  • Reliable and maintenance-free. Hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit prevents refrigerant leakage.
  • Ideal for food refrigeration. The use of coated evaporators means that aggressive refrigerated goods can be stored without any problems.
  • Small & compact. Customisable to any installation space.
  • Sustainable & future-proof. The use of natural refrigerant reduces the indirect environmental impact to a minimum.
  • Durable. High-quality components from renowned manufacturers ensure long, trouble-free operation.



Fields of application.
Medicine & laboratory:

  • Laboratory refrigerators, freezers and deep freezers 
  • Analysis systems for serum testing and blood grouping
  • Medicine and blood storage refrigerators
  • Community refrigerators 
  • Mortuary refrigeration

Environmental technology:

  • Water and waste water analysis
  • Water samplers
  • Precipitation analysis systems

Fields of application.
Gastronomy & process cooling:

  • Transport trolleys for communal catering
  • Small refrigerated compartments/showcases for breakfast, cakes, sausage & cheese
  • Wine refrigerators
  • Barrel refrigeration
  • Large refrigerators

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