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Customised cooling solutions: 
Developed for OEM customers.

Riedel Kooling is the best partner for a new development. Together with you, we analyse your individual requirements and develop a 100 % custom-fit and reliable cooling solution.

Standard chiller or OEM solution?  
You decide! We develop the right cooling solution.

Whether space-saving concepts or special technical parameters. Whether industrial cooling or cooling of medical equipment - our engineers will work with you to develop exactly the cooling solution that fits your application. And 100 % tailor-made. 

Our entire development know-how and the experience of over 40 years flow into your project. Our development engineers get involved in the process at an early stage. In addition to the requirements of our customers, we also identify potential for making the overall system even more efficient. 

What challenge are you currently facing? Why not make your cooling challenge ours!


Slide-in, stand-alone & system cooling solutions:
For industrial machines & processes.

Designed for reliable cooling of a wide range of customer applications - either as standard or as a plant-specific system solution. Even in extreme climatic conditions, such as in South-East Asia, our cooling units prove their performance and reliability every day. Suitable for worldwide use. Our specially developed cooling units are also perfect for highly sensitive laser systems. From CO2 lasers to solid-state lasers and disk lasers to diode lasers. 

In focus: integrated cooling modules as a smart plug-in element. A true miracle of space that cools precisely and can be easily integrated. A unique feature is the active or passive cooling unit designed as a slide-in cooler, adapted to the interfaces of your laser source. For simple and fast system integration and maximum efficiency thanks to frequency-controlled components. The development of stand-alone and system cooling solutions is customised.


System cooling solutions:  
For medical technology.

In magnetic resonance imaging, the cooling of the gradient coils, the gradient amplifiers, the helium compressor and the air conditioning of the electronics cabinets is the task of our cooling units.

By cooling and air-conditioning the components, Riedel Kooling makes a significant contribution to the reliable operation of the MRI and CT systems. Cooling systems and components from Riedel Kooling are developed to meet these special requirements and made ready for series production. 



ACS control cabinet cooler in equipment room, MRI system with helium compressor

Precise cooling solutions:
For electromobility.

Our cooling solutions for electric mobility are used in HPC charging points, for example. We can also easily cover the cooling of battery storage systems in conjunction with HPC charging technology. Our customer-specific solutions take into account the power, designs and electrical interfaces and hydraulic expansions. The air path can be freely defined. Our cooling systems for electric mobility are operated without refrigerant and compressor.

The power of our low-vibration cooling systems is adapted to suit the requirements. The extremely high cooling capacity based on the installation space means that our solutions are also suitable for future megawatt charging points (e.g. for charging transporters/HGVs). We can also integrate a comprehensive sensor network on request (temperature, flow, pressure, power).


Charging cable in the charging socket of an electric car next to silhouettes of skyscrapers. In addition, interlinked icons: Eco symbol, charging station, power plug

Compact cooling solutions:
Using the example of gastronomy.

Cooling units especially for mobile small refrigeration units such as refrigerated display cases and buffets. Another area of application at the counter is barrel refrigeration. Small, compact and quiet, they can be integrated in a service-friendly way in confined spaces. Our decades of experience stand us in good stead when it comes to refrigeration solutions in the smallest of spaces. We adapt the components to the available space or find the technically and economically ideal solution. 

Possible applications:  

  • Transport trolleys for communal catering
  • Wine or large refrigerators
  • Barrel cooling / cream cooling / milk cooling



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Customised solutions.

Cleverly thought out. From start to finish.

We work with our customers to develop tailor-made cooling solutions, enabling their machines to achieve top performance.

Customised Riedel Kooling chillers are extensively tested in our inhouse laboratories and climatic chambers before they are put into operation. Our test conditions can simulate extreme ambient temperatures and various levels of air humidity – precisely tuned to reflect the environmental operating conditions. Riedel Kooling develops your personal OEM cooling unit according to a structured process, thereby always ensuring that the common development goal is achieved.

Our experts will be happy to help you develop a cooling solution that fits your requirements 100 %. And will be happy to advise you beyond that!


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