Riedel Kooling, heat pump solutions up to 2,000 kW, cooling, heating, waste heat recovery, hot water production

Heat pump solutions
up to 2,000 kW.  

Kool°H series.

Customized heat pumps for a wide range of industrial applications and temperature ranges.

Heat pump solutions for cooling, heating, waste heat recovery and hot water production.

  • Large performance range. We offer a large product portfolio of air-to-water heat pumps from 50 kW.
  • Temperature range. A wide range of heat pump solutions available to provide hot water up to 120 °C.
  • Refrigerants. Use of a wide range of refrigerants matched to your application, also available with natural refrigerant. 
  • Targeted waste heat utilization. Surplus heat from the heat sources air, water or brine, which is produced as a waste product during production processes, for example, is raised to a higher usable temperature level by a heat pump and efficiently fed back into the energy process.
  • Energy efficiency. CO2 emissions, operating costs and maintenance costs are sustainably reduced.
  • Planning of the overall energy concept. Concept development and coordination of all trades. 
  • Advice and support. During the implementation and installation of the system.
  • Eligible for subsidies. Please contact us personally regarding the subsidy level of our products.

You can't find your specific requirements again? Our experts will be happy to help you develop a custom-fit cooling solution for you.