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Riedel Kooling maintenance.
More than just "maintenance".

Regular maintenance is essential for permanent and, above all, fault-free operation of your plant. With a comprehensive, preventative performance check and the legally required leakage tightness test, we ensure that your cooling unit runs without downtimes. Always!

Fault-free operation.
Today. Tomorrow. At any time.

The constant availability of the production plants helps to guarantee success. To keep the cooling unit in perfect condition, we recommend regular maintenance with a statutory leakage tightness test and preventative performance check.

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Your chiller must work.

With our preventative maintenance, we ensure that your cooling unit works reliably. The early detection and function check increase your operational reliability.

A maintained chiller uses less electricity and guarantees a more accurate water temperature.

The regulations & laws are complied with.

We ensure that the legal regulations (EU 517/2014) regarding the leakage tightness test of the refrigeration circuit are complied with.

This means that you can be sure that you are fulfilling national laws, customer audits and documentation obligations. A leak-tested cooling unit also helps to reduce CO2.




You don't have to worry about a thing.

We contact you when your maintenance is due and plan the appointment with you. Our service specialists carry out the maintenance during running operation. 

Only a short interruption (30 minutes) is required, which is agreed with you. You will then receive maintenance & leak-tightness reports for your documentation automatically by e-mail.

Stable maintenance costs.
Discounted hourly rates, travel expenses and spare parts.

As contract customers, the maintenance fee for the next few years remains constant. You receive the reduced hourly rate for the service technicians and a discount of 10% on the travel costs for service calls. In addition, we cover the travel for max. 200 km (one way). Any higher costs will be covered by Riedel Kooling.

Furthermore, we grant you a 10% discount on all spare and wear parts. As a contract customers, we provide quick and simple support in the event of a fault and find the best solution for you.

Direct contact to the manufacturer. Without detours.

You have direct contact with the manufacturer. We are available around the clock with our refrigeration specialists. All maintenance work is carried out by our Riedel Kooling premium service partners.

Our experts can also give your plant operators tips on the optimal use of the chiller and will be happy to answer your questions on-site.


1. Simply take a picture of the type plate of your plant.

2. Send it to us by e-mail.

3. Receive an individual maintenance quote promptly.

4. Become a satisfied Riedel Kooling customer.



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