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Cooling capacities
up to 1,000 kW

Kool°L series.

Air-cooled chillers for outdoor installation. Specially developed for all applications that require particularly high cooling capacities with simultaneous high performance stability. The robust cooling solutions are ideally suited for use in mines, the stone and cement industry and in the field of raw material extraction.

The robust cooling solution for harsh environmental conditions.

  • Heavy and robust frame design. Safe for transportation on unpaved roads. Earthquake-proof construction according to selected standards (NCh 2369, IEEE693 etc.).
  • Modular design. Available in various power ratings from 200 kW to 1,000 kW cooling capacity.
  • Extreme ambient temperatures. Suitable for safe operation at extreme temperatures from polar - 30 °C to tropical + 55 °C.
  • Suitable for harsh environments. Protection against aggressive environmental influences by special coating of the housing and condenser. Stainless steel housing available as an option. Ideal protection against intense UV radiation for installations even at altitudes of up to 4,600 meters.
  • Uptime. Fail-safe operation due to redundant refrigerant circuit. Maintenance and service-friendly design.
  • Connectivity. Various interfaces (Profibus / Profinet or similar) for reading out and controlling operating parameters of the chiller. 

Do you have special requirements for a cooling solution? Our experts will be happy to develop a customised cooling solution together with you.