Riedel Kooling, Riedel Cooling technology, Chiller, Cooling solution, 300 kW up to 1.000 kW cooling capacity

Cooling capacities
300 kW up to 1,000 kW

Kool°T series.

Air-cooled chillers for indoor and outdoor installation. Developed for all applications requiring high cooling capacities with particularly high reliability and lowest energy consumption. For maximum energy efficiency.

Wide range of applications with maximum flexibility.

  • Intelligent. Already during the development process, the arrangement of the individual components was designed in such a way that easy accessibility of the components in case of service is guaranteed, e.g. during maintenance.
  • Compact. The unit dimensions have been optimised so that even with a high cooling capacity, little space is required for installation.  
  • Versatile. Various configuration options combined with a wide range of equipment options make these coolers an all-round talent.
  • Efficient. Thanks to the modular design of the cooling circuit with up to 6 compressors, the cooler is efficient and quiet even in partial-load operation. 
  • Innovative. Modern components from renowned manufacturers, e.g. electronic expansion valve, EC fans, microchannel condenser.


Exemplary equipment options:

  • Min. / max. phase monitoring 
  • Coated condenser (e-coating)
  • Hydraulic module 
  • Vibrating metal feet 

You can't find your specific requirements again? Our experts will be happy to help you develop a custom-fit cooling solution for you.