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Cooling capacities
up to 680 W*.

Kool°P series.

Refrigerant-free cooling solution with compact dimensions. Excellently suited for medical and laboratory analysis technology, as well as for complex laser systems in the low power range.

Future-proof cooling solution in a compact design.

  • Temperature control. Automatic heating and cooling operation of the refrigerant. 
  • More cooling capacity. In addition to a standard cooling capacity of 500 W*, the booster variant enables a net cooling capacity of up to 680 W.*
  • Corrosion-resistant. The cooling unit is completely sealed to prevent corrosion caused by condensation.
  • Ideally equipped. Excellent sensors and adjustable cooling and pumping capacity.
  • Reliable. High temperature stability (< 0,1 K possible)  with quiet operation at the same time.
  • Variant. Optionally available as 19" rack or standalone solution.
  • Sustainable and future-proof. Refrigerant-free cooling solution with compact dimensions.
  • Low maintenance and low vibration cooling system. Due to the use of Peltier technology.
    Cooling capacity at a temperature difference of 0 K between the coolant supply temperature and the ambient temperature.