Riedel Kooling, Cooling towers and recoolers in front of industrial building, product image

Dry coolers and
hydro cooling systems. 

Kool°F series.

Dry coolers and hydro cooling systems from Riedel Kooling are available in a wide range of capacities. Customized solutions enable optimal integration into the respective system concepts - the individual conditions at the installation site can be fully taken into account. 

Dry cooling from new projects to retrofit solutions.

  • Construction types. Open and closed cooling towers, wet and dry coolers, condensers for various refrigerants.
  • Cooling media. Water, glycol mixtures, deionized water, various refrigerants or oil can be used.
  • High performance. Even in limited space.
  • Quiet operation. Depending on the installation site, whether residential or industrial, our systems comply with the required sound limit specifications.
  • Connectivity. A wide range of communication interfaces for reading out and controlling operating parameters.

You can't find the right solution for your requirements? Our experts will be happy to help you develop a custom-fit dry cooler or the right hydro cooling system for you.