Riedel Kooling, cooling solutions as a composite system, heating, cooling, heat recovery, hot water preparation, CO2 reduction, operating cost reduction

Cooling solutions as a system.  
Kool°E series.

Riedel Kooling transforms individual cooling systems into highly efficient and future-proof cooling solutions. Central cooling systems with or without energy-saving circuitry, heat pump system solutions, free cooling, heat exchangers or even container solutions. We have the right concept for your project. 

Future-proof and economical.
Clear evidence of maximum efficiency.

Riedel Kooling's energy-saving solutions are developed holistically and individually according to the customer's requirements. From the analysis of the overall operational processes in manufacturing areas, through the design and planning of the energy-saving system, to the coordination of the installation. Each system is commissioned by our own experienced experts.

We support you in optimising the efficiency of your plant and show you ways and possibilities to sustainably reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions. Challenge us and arrange a consultation appointment with our efficiency experts. 


Efficient central cooling. With energy-saving function.

Has your company grown? And with it the cooling system? In many companies, process cooling is a piecemeal system that serves its purpose - but is no longer up to date in terms of energy and cost efficiency. By intelligently designing and optimising an overall system, you can noticeably reduce operating costs and make your cooling system fit for the future in the long term.

The challenge here: no compromises in precision and reliability - with maximum energy-saving potential. Standard measures don't achieve much, because the path to an energy-efficient and reliable system varies depending on the area of application. Our experts determine the exact cooling requirements for your processes and develop an individual system solution. By using free cooling in combination with our energy-saving circuitry, the proportion of active cooling can be minimized. The result: sustainable savings in operating costs & CO2 emissions. 


Riedel Kooling, Efficient central cooling systems with energy-saving function

Heat pump system solution.
Cooling, Heating, using waste heat & preparing hot water.

Many companies need heating and cooling for machinery, production halls or administration buildings at the same time. As a rule, the cooling and heating requirements are provided separately and there is no holistic energy concept. As a result, a lot of energy is consumed unnecessarily. With a heat pump, the cooling and heating requirements can be efficiently combined in an overall concept. The waste heat from production processes can usually be used in a targeted manner. Previous energy costs for the generation of heat requirements are thus reduced. CO2 emissions, operating costs as well as maintenance and servicing costs are sustainably reduced. 


Riedel Kooling, heat pump system solution for cooling, heating, waste heat recovery and hot water production.

Heating and cooling systems in containers:
The plug-and-play solution.

The container concept offers prefabricated solutions for heating and cooling processes and buildings. The entire heating and cooling system is housed in a single container to save space. The compact, ready-to-connect and individually designed system is quickly installed. The heating and cooling requirements are precisely adapted to the energy requirements with defined hydraulic and electrical interfaces.

The heating and cooling system in the container is completely pre-assembled with all components and is delivered ready for connection to the outdoor area. No separate machine room is required in the building. The plug & play solution is ready for operation in a few days and saves time and money on site during installation.


Riedel Kooling, heating and cooling systems in containers, plug-and-play solution

Heating and cooling solutions as a system.
With heat recovery.

For medical centers and group practices.

The Riedel Kooling system solution enables targeted waste heat utilization. The waste heat from diagnostic imaging equipment and air conditioning is transferred using a heat pump and can be used to heat rooms and provide hot water. Whether you have heating or cooling needs - or both. The Riedel Kooling system solution makes synergies usable. Operating costs are reduced and CO2 emissions minimized.


Riedel Kooling, heating, cooling, heat recovery, medical centre, group practice, radiology, orthopaedics, opticians, physiotherapy, pharmacy

You can't find your specific requirements? Our experts will be happy to help you optimise the efficiency of your plant. We will show you ways and possibilities to save costs in the long term and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time.