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Your system solution: 100 %.
Projects & Solutions by Riedel Kooling.

Increase reliability and precision while reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions. Our team of experts for project and special solutions provides you with individually developed complete system solutions.

From the initial idea to commissioning. 
And far beyond. 

Less energy costs, more system: From the exact needs analysis to planning, installation and maintenance - we offer all competences from a single source and tailor-made to your requirements. Our Riedel Kooling team of experts transforms individual cooling systems into highly efficient and future-proof cooling systems.

We support you in optimising the efficiency of your system and show ways and possibilities to sustainably reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions. Challenge us and arrange a consultation appointment with our efficiency experts.  


Well advised right from the start.
Our services in the development process.

We start with a detailed consultation. What requirements must be met and what technical possibilities result from this? The goal is to optimise your plant into a highly efficient system: for resource-saving operation and permanent reduction of energy costs. In the conception phase, our experts determine the exact cooling requirements for your processes and develop an individually tailored system solution.

This is followed by the individual implementation of your system. To deliver the optimum solution, we work with qualified suppliers as required. In doing so, we take over the coordination of all the trades involved for you. In this way, we can guarantee perfect piping and connection technology. An experienced installation team ensures optimal commissioning.

With our highly qualified service team, we remain at your side even after commissioning. If necessary, our service technicians will be on site within a few hours. For questions and assistance, our hotline is available around the clock. On request, we also develop individually adapted financing concepts.



Riedel Kooling, development process, customised solutions, energy saving systems

Cooling capacities
up to 1,000 kW.

Kool°L series.

Air-cooled chillers for outdoor installation. Specially developed for all applications that require particularly high cooling capacities with simultaneous high performance stability. The robust cooling solutions are ideally suited for use in mines, the stone and cement industry and in the field of raw material extraction.



Riedel Kooling, Kool°L series, large refrigeration up to 1000 kW cooling capacity, chiller

Heat pump solutions
up to 2,000 kW.  

Kool°H series.

Customized heat pumps for a wide range of industrial applications and temperature ranges for cooling, heating, waste heat recovery and hot water production.



Riedel Kooling, Kool°H series, heat pump solutions up to 2000 kW cooling capacity, heat pumps, heating solutions, heating systems

Cooling solutions in a system.  
Kool°E series.

Riedel Kooling transforms individual cooling systems into highly efficient and future-proof cooling solutions. Central cooling systems with or without energy-saving circuitry, heat pump system solutions, free cooling, heat exchangers or even container solutions.

Riedel Kooling's energy-saving solutions are developed holistically and individually according to the customer's requirements. From the analysis of the overall operational processes in manufacturing areas, through the design and planning of the energy-saving system, to the coordination of the installation.  



Riedel Kooling, cooling solutions in integrated systems, energy saving systems, energy efficiency, heating, cooling, heat recovery, CO2 reduction

Water management systems. 
Kool°W series.

Riedel Kooling offers a wide range of fluid solutions with different performances tailored to your specific application. From the simple hydraulic separation of two circuits to the fluid solution in the overall concept - the high-end version with monitoring of different fluid parameters.



Riedel Kooling, Kool°W Series, Water Management Systems, Heat Exchanger Stations, Tank Pump Stations

Dry coolers and
hydro cooling systems. 

Kool°F series.

Dry coolers and hydro cooling systems from Riedel Kooling are available in a wide range of capacities. Customised solutions enable optimal integration into the respective system concepts - the individual conditions at the installation site can be fully taken into account.



Riedel Kooling, Kool°F series, recooling systems, cooling towers, dry coolers

You have a very special application and a standard cooling, heating or heat recovery solution is not the right one for you? Our experts will be happy to help you develop a cooling solution that meets your individual requirements 100 %.