Perfect cooling for electric charging stations.

Perfect cooling for electric charging stations.

Riedel Kooling expects strong market growth for cooling solutions in the field of electric mobility by 2030.

When it comes to fast charging electric cars, nothing works without efficient cooling systems. The high charging currents that usually flow through charging cables or battery storage systems in a short time generate heat that must be cooled. Only then are charging stations able to work smoothly and transfer the energy without major losses. Under the Riedel Kooling brand, Glen Dimplex Deutschland offers individual cooling solutions that are perfectly adapted to their use in the field of electromobility.


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In the field of electric mobility, Riedel Kooling's cooling systems are mainly used for high-power charging stations. They can also be used to cool battery storage systems, which are usually operated in conjunction with several high-power charging stations. The customised solutions take into account power, designs as well as electrical interfaces and hydraulic extensions of the charging stations into which they are integrated. They are particularly quiet in operation and are usually operated without refrigerants and compressors.

The cooling capacity of the compact cooling systems can be flexibly adapted to the respective power requirements of the charging infrastructure. Due to their very high cooling capacity potential compared to their dimensions, they are also suitable for future megawatt charging stations that will be needed for charging vans, buses or trucks.

In addition, it is possible to integrate digital sensors to continuously measure temperature, flow, pressure and power. In this way, the entire system can be effectively monitored and reliable operated without being on site. The system recognises when a component needs to be replaced.

The market for cooling solutions in the field of electromobility is growing strongly. There are currently over 42,000 public charging points installed in Germany and over 340,000 in Europe. For 2030, the EU expects a demand of over three million charging points. "In addition, the share of fast charging stations with special requirements for the cooling of the systems is growing, so we at Riedel Kooling expect strong market growth in the coming years," emphasises Karsten Wiessner, Business Development Manager at Riedel Kooling. "And we also offer the perfect cooling solutions for the coming hydrogen infrastructure."