Precise cooling in plastics processing.

Precise cooling in plastics processing.

Riedel Kooling develops four standardized chiller platforms for KHS.

KHS GmbH and Riedel Kooling are linked by a twenty-year partnership - and it has now received new, positive impulses. At the Hamburg location, the development of the next generation of systems for the production of plastic bottles, the Blomax Series IV, began in 2018. The aim was to expand the modular design, increase the efficiency of the systems and reduce the variety of peripheral devices. These devices also include the Riedel Kooling chillers.

The stretch blow molding machines consist of 13 performance types. In the past, up to 39 different chillers were offered for these, depending on the ambient temperature. Therefore, KHS and Riedel Kooling jointly looked for ways to reduce the existing diversity and at the same time to increase competitiveness through standardization.

In summer 2019 the time had come. The goal: a type of chiller for a defined pool of stretch blow molding machines. Each chiller should cover a certain cooling capacity depending on the volume flow and pump pressure at an ambient temperature of 45 ° C. Due to this requirement, Riedel Kooling developed four chiller platforms with an output of 25, 40, 60 or 90 kW.

The new platform solution has positive effects for both sides. At KHS, the technical, commercial and logistical effort is reduced. At Riedel Kooling, much less material has to be stored, the number of identical parts increases and KHS is reducing defined, easily plannable quantities. The platform is also the basis for customer-specific solutions.

In Hamburg, KHS manufactures PET blow molding machines for packaging in the beverage, food and non-food sectors. The Riedel Kooling chillers guarantee reliable and precise cooling of the tool molds, the hydraulics and other process components. This cooling is essential for the quality of KHS customer products and the production process.

The new platform was officially presented and approved in October 2020. The new platform has been delivered to KHS since January 2021.


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