"Riedel" becomes "Riedel Kooling".

"Riedel" becomes "Riedel Kooling".

GDD has fundamentally renewed the appearance of the "Riedel" brand.

In order to underline the special competence for professional cooling and the increased global cooperation and orientation of the business across all GDD locations in Kulmbach, Shenyang (China) and Kalamazoo (USA), Glen Dimplex Germany (GDD) has completely renewed the appearance of its Riedel brand. Under the Riedel Kooling brand, the company bundles its sustainable, individual cooling solutions for a wide variety of applications in the professional environment, from laser machines to magnetic resonance tomographs to 3D printers. The range includes customer-specific individual projects, small series and large series with several 20,000 cooling solutions per year.

An essential foundation is the global recognition of the company and its brands. The logo of the Riedel brand has been revised and newly integrated into the corporate identity. "We are thus setting a visible sign of a self-confident, modern brand," emphasizes GDD company spokesman and Riedel marketing director Henrik Rutenbeck. "This clearly shows that Riedel systems and services come from a globally active, respected company and meet the highest quality standards."

The new Riedel logo, which will appear on all products and publications in the future, meets the requirements of a contemporary and innovative brand. The writing has clear, straight lines and signals precision. The logo also underlines the special competence for cooling technology by making the symbol for temperature degrees "°" an integral part of the brand.

And it is immediately noticeable because the brand is provided with the addition “Kooling” - written with “K”. “Everyone writes cooling with a “C”. Kooling with “K” attracts special attention and differentiates it from other brands. The "K" also symbolizes the key competence in customer-specific cooling solutions from Kulmbach, Kalamazoo (and Shenyang), in customer orientation and climate protection." says Henrik Rutenbeck.

In combination with the Glen Dimplex Deutschland lettering, the new logo will also shape the appearance of the company and its advertising material in the cooling area, right through to the new branding at the training center in Kulmbach. Rutenbeck: "This mixture of continuity and modernity creates huge opportunities for our business."

The new branding can be seen publicly for the first time at the international trade fair “Arab Health”, which will take place from June 21st - June 24th in Dubai. “The broad implementation - the so-called 'roll-out' - will be implemented in close cooperation between all GDD locations in the next few weeks.


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