Strategic investment in Werner Finley India

Strategic investment in Werner Finley India

Glen Dimplex Group announces strategic investment in Werner Finley, the leading provider of precision cooling in India, founded in 1986, strengthening the Glen Dimplex Precision Cooling division and expanding its global presence.

The Glen Dimplex Group headquartered in Ireland and founded 50 years ago, works across an international footprint of 20 countries in four key sectors of Precision Cooling, Heating and Ventilation, Flame, and Consumer Appliances, with a portfolio of products and solutions designed to make life easier, better and more energy efficient for its customers.

The Glen Dimplex Precision Cooling division brings together international know-how and expertise in the development and production of high-precision and sustainable cooling solutions for machines and processes, as well as energy-efficient solutions for commercial and industrial applications. 

Together with Werner Finley, the companies belonging to the Glen Dimplex Precision Cooling division in Kulmbach (Germany), Kalamazoo (USA) and Shenyang (China) are planning to offer an even more comprehensive service in the future, as well as direct production possibilities in India.

"We have set ourselves the goal of becoming an international technology and quality leader for sustainable solutions in the field of cooling technology. The investment in Werner Finley brings us a step closer to this goal," emphasizes Clemens Dereschkewitz, CEO of the Glen Dimplex Precision Cooling division. 

“This strategic partnership with the global leaders of precision cooling will directly benefit our customers. Werner Finley will now be able to service customers across the division's global network." says Viplov J G, CEO of Werner Finley Pvt Ltd.