Torben Benter new CEO of the Precision Cooling division

Torben Benter new CEO of the Precision Cooling division

Glen Dimplex Group CEO Fergal Leamy announces Torben Benter as the new CEO of the Glen Dimplex Precision Cooling Division.

Clemens Dereschkewitz will step back from day-to-day responsibility for the Precision Cooling Division and will support Torben Benter in an advisory capacity. David Riemenschneider, Deputy CEO and CFO, will continue as Managing Director of Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH and CFO for the Glen Dimplex Precision Cooling Division. Together with Torben Benter, he will drive forward the implementation of the ambitious plans for the Division.

Clemens Dereschkewitz will be stepping down from the Executive Board of the Glen Dimplex Group. He will remain available to the company as a consultant and will continue to contribute his extensive experience in the field of Heating and Precision Cooling.

Fergal Leamy thanked both Clemens Dereschkewitz and David Riemenschneider for their commitment over the past months to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the company's momentum, especially with the start of the integration of HYFRA into the Precision Cooling Division.

Prior to his appointment as CEO of the Glen Dimplex Precision Cooling Division, Torben Benter spent five years as Managing Director and General Manager at HYFRA. During this time, he was able to prove his in- depth understanding of the requirements and innovations in the field of process and precision cooling. His leadership at HYFRA contributed to successfully positioning the company in a constantly changing market environment.

Before joining HYFRA, Benter gained extensive experience in senior positions at various large international organizations. His broad knowledge covers not only technical aspects of precision cooling, but also extends to commercial and strategic business management.

Torben Benter will not only assume the position of CEO of the Precision Cooling Division but will also serve as a member of the Executive Board of the Glen Dimplex Group. This dual role reflects his extensive commitment and responsibility for the overall success of the company.

"I would like to thank Clemens for his commitment and the strategic direction he has provided within our division. I look forward to building on this work and driving forward the integration of Hyfra to maximize the combined strength of our global footprint. As a global market leader in precision cooling, we are ideally positioned to further strengthen and expand this status." – says Torben Benter.